Best Dating Application


1# SmartDating iPhone Dating Application

SmartDating maybe the best dating app ever made, but is still relatively new to the online dating world compared to some of its predecessors.  It, like SocialConnect, is completely free to download and requires no type of service fee to use.  Whether you choose it for the ever-popular winking and chatting options, or are interested in finding out more about proxidating, this app is a great choice.   It’s perfect for the busy traveler intent on staying connected, without the hassle of pulling out a laptop or being tethered to a desktop.  The proxidating feature is really cool, especially if you find someone you’re extremely eager to meet and are in very close proximity of them; no other app offers a service exactly like this.   If you are the kind of person who prefers to do things on a whim, then this is definitely an app and feature that is right up your alley.

2# Social Connect Facebook Dating Application

Social Connect is the love child of Facebook and online dating.  The award-winning social networking site found a new niche when it tried its hand at online dating, and to great success.  With over five hundred million followers on Facebook worldwide, a large portion of those chose to dabble in the online dating world to hopefully connect on a more intimate level with as many people of their choosing.  While it started out as a free app on the website, it has now made the transition into portable dating by releasing an application for the iPhone.  Of course, this site is completely free, just like the full site, and still has all of the same great features that you know and love available at your fingertips no matter where you are.  Chat, wink, and send gifts to your heart’s content even when you are in the middle of a crowded subway, or supposed to be working.  This is one of the highest rated sites currently, and will continue to stay that way.

3# OKCupid iPhone Dating Application

When recently decided to purchase OKCupid, current members were worried about the changes that would be made to the site.  Fortunately, their worries were unnecessary and little has changed.  In fact, the OKCupid app for iPhone is completely free to download and is the perfect extension of its website counterpart.  While OKCupid has decided to offer a pay version, it is not mandatory and few features have been locked to those who remain on a free account.  OKCupid lets millions of users connect worldwide, and is perfect for whoever you are looking for.   Using questionnaires and surveys to help narrow down your choices, and gives you several different match criteria with a percentage, including “friend” and “enemy”.  You can even choose people as your favorites, as well as wink, send messages, and flirt from the convenience of your iPhone.


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