Casual Online Dating Safety Tips

Casual Online Dating Safety Tips

Online Dating is definitely a great and very popular avenue to meet interesting people whom one might not ordinarily get to meet otherwise. But, in the quest for someone who shares your own taste and interests, it is possible that one may forget about the safety element in online dating, especially since no person-to-person contact happens in online dating when someone first meets. In short, it is important not to throw your common sense out of the window in the excitement of your first virtual meeting with your date over the Internet. Here are few safety tips that come handy to anybody who is new to online dating.

Safety begins at home. Ensure that your PC is well protected with a reliable antivirus and firewall. There are unscrupulous websites out there, in the lookout for unsuspecting sign ups, to hack into their PCs and get away with their personal information. If possible, go for a licensed version of antivirus/firewall, even though it may cost you some money.

There are lots of so-called ‘free dating websites’ in the cyberspace. But a large chunk of them, as mentioned above, are not genuine dating sites. In other words, it is always safer to sign up for a reputed paid dating website than going for a free one. Free websites, more often than not, does not provide any guarantee of service or protection against spamming.

If you have any friends who have successfully used any dating site, it can be a good idea get their feedback as well. Use the popular paid dating websites.

After you get to know about your date better, may be you can reveal your phone number or address to him/her.

Apart from these checks and measures, trust your instincts when it comes to accepting or rejecting a potential date. If it feels weird, perhaps you could be right. Follow your mind always. Also, when you are ready to meet your date for the first time, ensure that you arrange your date meeting where there other people and in a public place, and not somewhere like his/her apartment. It would be better if you could arrange the meeting at the day time, for a coffee or lunch. Further, it would be better if you could tell someone close to you, such as your siblings or a friend or colleague, where you are going, and whom you are meeting up with.

To sum it up, it is crucial to keep your eyes and ears open while choosing a potential date, through an online site or otherwise. Give your commonsense a free run throughout. And always play it safe until you get to know the other person very well.


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