Naughty Online Dating

How soon is too soon for naughty online dating flirting?

OK, as much as everyone wants to shy away from this topic of conversation, it is one that should be spoken about. In such a technological day and age, sex over the internet either by way of dirty talking, web cam or instant messaging services that combine the two is becoming a very popular thing for every couple and the real question that needs to be asked is how soon is too soon for naughty online flirting?

In reality, the same kind of rules applies to sexual activity online as it does with real face to face relationships. You obviously wouldn’t on a first date and perhaps not for a couple of dates and for some people, it can take much longer than this simply because talking online or using video messaging doesn’t quite have the same effect. Not only that but it can be a very nerve wracking time especially for those with low confidence levels!

Everyone likes to have a bit of naughty banter but the earlier on you combine this naughty talk into your conversations, the more of a pervert you will look. Keep it clean for the first few conversations and then when you have passed the stage of little flirty hints, suggest taking the relationship to a new level. There is nothing to say that you have to do this at all of course and for so many people, this simply isn’t an option but for those that it is, it makes sense to get the timing right. You don’t want to give yourself a bad name after all!

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