We’re different should we still date?

We’re too different, should we still date?

Opposites attract each other. That’s a saying, nothing more. Whether or not two people should date has nothing to do with how different and similar they are. Having doubts about a relationship is normal. Virtually all romances go through some kind of trouble. This is when the question of whether or not you’re right for each other comes up.

Having doubts is normal

Having doubts about your relationship is quite normal. There isn’t a couple that doesn’t go through this process. The most important thing is not to ignore your doubts – they might be nothing to worry about or they might be serious. If the big difference between you and your partner bothers you a lot, then you shouldn’t ignore it. Either figure out a way to work things out, or end the relationship. The worse thing a person can do is absolutely nothing. An important thing to remember is that it is normal to doubt a relationship. Every person has gone through this.

Differences and similarities don’t make or break a romance

People end and break relationships. Their differences or similarities are not at fault. It is very easy to blame something that you can’t control for a failed relationship. However, this is not the truth. If two people have problems, they can either resolve them or break up. Finding something or someone to blame is not necessary, but it sometimes help them feel better.

Love knows no differences and no similarities, and that’s the beauty of it. Wondering if you should break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend because you are too different means there is something else going on. You may be looking for a way out the relationship. Saying you’re too different seems like a good reason to break up with someone because it will be no one’s fault. However, a person could also be just experiencing a temporary doubt. Everyone that has been in a relationship has gone through this. It is important to remember that people being too different or too similar is not a reason to end a romance, it’s an excuse. Chances are, there is something else wrong that can or cannot be fixed.

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